What to Expect from Quebec's Law 25?

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Loi 25

What to Expect from Quebec's Law 25?

September 2023 Update: The second series of obligations under Law 25 is now in effect, bringing significant changes in data transparency and consent requirements for businesses.

Enhanced Transparency Obligations: Businesses are now required to provide clearer information when collecting personal data, including:

  • The purpose and methods of data collection, along with consumer rights for access, correction, and withdrawal of consent.
  • Disclosure of third parties involved in data collection/sharing, including any data transfers outside Quebec.
  • Notification to individuals when automated decision-making processes are used, including rights to understand, review, or provide additional information.

New Consent Rules: Key provisions include:

  • A need for clear, simple, and explicitly identified consent texts.
  • Explicit consumer consent for using "sensitive" personal information beyond its original collection purpose.
  • Restrictions on collecting data from children under 14 without parental consent, except in clear benefit situations.
  • Prohibition of biometric data use for identity verification without explicit consent.

Financial Penalties: Private sector companies face potential fines up to 10 million CAD or 2% of the previous fiscal year's global turnover, with heavier penalties for severe infractions.

Digital Impact of Law 25: Mandatory consent for all tracking mechanisms.

Law 25 Measures:

Analytics Impact: Without user consent under Law 25, you cannot measure analytics performance (sessions/sales) or share data with your ecosystem. Note: Server-side tracking is not exempt. Performance must be calculated using data modeling if consent is not given.

Marketing Impact: Your ability to manage remarketing audiences depends on user consent. Without it, tracking conversions is impossible, leading to reduced platform performance and fewer data points for AI optimization. Web publishers cannot maximize ad revenues without consent.

UX Impact: Ensure user choices are respected with simple, transparent access to their data at any time. A reliable and efficient consent management process prevents users from leaving websites due to confusing language or poor consent banner experiences.

Borgia's Solutions for Law 25 Challenges:

Any Device, Any Environment:

Consent Management:

  • Collect user consent across all countries and devices.
  • Create brand-reflective consent banners while easily managing partners and purposes.
  • Generate consent proofs in a few clicks from a single source of truth.
  • Measure and optimize consent rates with advanced analytics.

Reduce Your Risks:

Advanced Compliance Control:

  • Proactively detect and respond to privacy breaches.
  • Optimize your time and investment in compliance.
  • Ensure high and continuous performance with automated maintenance.

Borgia is here to help you navigate the complexities of Law 25, ensuring your business stays compliant and efficient.

Optimize Your Compliance with Our Tailored Solutions

Initial Setup Fee: Invest in a seamless and compliant setup of our service.

  • Price for Non-Members: $3,500 (2024)

Included in the Setup:

  • Proper Privacy Policy Configuration
  • Automatic Cookie Categorization
  • Consent Logs
  • Multilingual Cookie Banner
  • Cookie Policy Implementation
  • Privacy Alerts
  • Customizable Cookie Banner and Logo
  • Creation/Linking of Your Privacy Policy
  • Integration with WordPress and Other Platforms
  • Data Request Form and Dashboard
  • Initial Training Document for Your Team on Management and Compliance
  • Setup of Privacy Alert Procedures
  • DPO Forms Implementation
  • Compliance with GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and Other Major Regulations

Annual Protection Plan: Enjoy peace of mind throughout the year.

  • Price for Non-Members:
  • $50/month or $500/year (100,000 page views/month)
  • $100/month or $1,000/year (500,000 page views/month)
  • $150/month or $1,500/year (1 million page views/month)

Included in the Plan:

  • Fine Coverage up to $30,000 with Illow
  • Regular Updates for Ongoing Compliance
  • Access to Premium Customer Support
  • G-TAG Configuration
  • API Access
  • Periodic Scanning

Note: For specific needs or higher fine coverage, please contact us to discuss a customized plan.

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide a compliant and up-to-date solution, we cannot guarantee that your business will be exempt from fines. Additionally, we cannot assure coverage for all potential fines. It is each business's responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations in case of changes.

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